Wed, 20 Nov 2019

Ring: Doorbell camera footage can be kept by police forever and shared with whomever they’d like

Microsoft Saw What a Four-Day Workweek Can Do – AIER

Autonomous snow-shovelling robots coming to a street near you — e-Estonia

Tue, 19 Nov 2019

‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims - The New York Times

Guilty – Despite 'Car-Free' Hype, Millennials Drive a Lot

Sat, 16 Nov 2019

Disney + and ‘The Mandalorian’ Are Driving People Back to Torrenting - VICE

Fri, 15 Nov 2019

Hong Kong Protestors Using Mesh Messaging App China Can't Block: Usage Up 3685%

Awesome to see #YIMBY in Charlotte

Charlotte could allow townhomes, duplexes, triplexes in traditional single-family neighborhoods

States that view awesome sharing economy companies only as cash cows are not doing anything for consumers

Mon, 11 Nov 2019

Fraser Institute News Release: New Hampshire overtakes Florida as most economically-free state, New York least-free for fifth consecutive year | Markets Insider

Sat, 09 Nov 2019

Fri, 08 Nov 2019

The Cartelization of Mexico - WSJ

China Says It Agreed With U.S. to Roll Back Tariffs in Phases - Bloomberg

Should Uber drivers be employees?

Airbnb Loses Jersey City Home-Share War by a Landslide - Bloomberg

Thu, 07 Nov 2019

How bad is rent control when housing supply is artificially restricted by law? - Marginal REVOLUTION

Are Digital Driver Licences the Future? That's what's happening in New South Wales

bring on the CRISPR

The housing market needs new, workable solutions to fix the shortage

via @1828UK

Wed, 06 Nov 2019

Elizabeth Warren Outraged by Social Media Bans She Champions

Immigration: Legault admet avoir mal évalué l'effet de sa réforme

Thomas Chatterton Williams Rejects Racial Categories - The Atlantic

Immigration is Hard

Proposed California Rule Threatens to Drive Out Plastics, Californians - WSJ

Tue, 05 Nov 2019

BASED Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain

[btw, he could have easily been much harsher, but doesn't want to burn bridges]

Tech companies become the state, phase one | FT Alphaville

Mon, 04 Nov 2019

Survey: Only 2% of Hispanics Prefer the Politically Correct Term 'Latinx'

In Debate Over Political Speech Online, Facebook Has the Constitution on Its Side

What is Smart Cannabis Policy?

OKAY – we kinda need California to succeed:

The first map of America's food supply chain is mind-boggling

Fri, 01 Nov 2019

It's important to out the scammers

Wed, 30 Oct 2019

The Slaughter of the Tech Unicorns

Tue, 29 Oct 2019

FDA-approved edible cotton seeds show how GMO, CRISPR-edited crops can battle global hunger | Genetic Literacy Project

When bad economists unite to try to deprive Canada of yet more energy projects

Mon, 28 Oct 2019

bad idea of the day — Coffee Price Control
Link Source: Opinion

Facebook's private police department actually sounds amazing

Sun, 27 Oct 2019

Regulations, funding keep Canada from becoming world leader in cannabis research, scientists say

Fri, 25 Oct 2019

FULL Interview: Yaël Ossowski on Joe Catenacci Show (Oct. 25, 2019) - Consumer Choice Center Cast

Andrew Yang’s witty, engaging citizens campaign - The Boston Globe

Why the U.K. Isn’t Having Problems With Vaping

Pete Buttigieg Is Making the Democratic Race More Unpredictable

Ring Gave Police Stats About Users Who Said ‘No’ to Law Enforcement Requests

Congress Asked Mark Zuckerberg a Bunch of Really, Really Stupid Questions at the Libra Hearing

Thu, 24 Oct 2019

California counties and municipalities are CREATING this problem. We need #smartcannabispolicy

Regulation and thriving black market burning up profits of California's legal weed business

Tech giants are caught in hyperlocal fights in Seattle and San Francisco - Axios

Democratic Wealth Tax Proposals Demonstrate Economic Ignorance

Wed, 23 Oct 2019

Should the U.S. have a Parliamentary System?

YouTube Is Erasing History: Under pressure to remove “extremist content,” platforms are purging vital human rights evidence.

The first Argentine GMO potato almost ready to be launched in 2020 | Farm News Argentine

Dunkin' is launching its Beyond Meat sandwich nationally

Tue, 22 Oct 2019

What ‘Rights’ Do We Have When We’re Talking About Our Private Online Data?

by @anjiecast

Mon, 21 Oct 2019

Imagine if we acted the same with EVERY sin tax proposed...

Produits comestibles au cannabis: les laboratoires n'ont reçu aucun protocole de Santé Canada

Vaping products now sold in NZ pharmacies - NZ Herald

Why US Airports Are So Bad

When Climate Activists Target Public Transit

Pourquoi la Désintégration du BQ est Avantageux pour un Québec Libre

(écrit il y a 8 ans)


The refreshing simplicity of Aldi

Fri, 18 Oct 2019

As 'Cannabis 2.0' kicks off in Canada, industry strangled by limited retail outlets - Reuters

In South Carolina, Republican Party Fights to Skip Presidential Primary - WSJ

Yes, amazing rundown: How mainstream media botched the vape lung story

Why Facebook’s Libra might be a good thing
Link Source: Technology

Thu, 17 Oct 2019

How Amazon Has Transformed the Hasidic Economy - The New York Times

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff sure does like to champion anti-consumer causes

Probably one of the best articles on rhetoric, discourse, and academia I've read this month. Check it -->

What Teaching Ethics in Appalachia Taught Me About Bridging America’s Partisan Divide

Mark Sanford Deserves Better. It seems he's the only political candidate talking about the DEBT

Wed, 16 Oct 2019

The Death of Cars Was Greatly Exaggerated | WIRED

Rent control is making a comeback. Does it work?


The Millennial Urban Lifestyle Is About to Get More Expensive - CityLab

So You Make $100,000? It Still Might Not Be Enough to Buy a Home. - WSJ

Democratic Presidential Debate: How did consumer choice fare?

Tue, 15 Oct 2019

Barstool Sports:
1) Wow, you know your audience
2) Very good marketing coup, chaps
3) Can I get an XL lickety-split?

Legault dénonce les «lourdes peines» infligées aux indépendantistes catalans

Élections fédérales 2019 : le calme nécessaire pour parler du climat !

par @VincentGeloso

Where Candidates’ Public Housing Plans Go Wrong - CityLab

The Vaping Crisis Is a Moral Panic Led by Anti-Smoking Crusaders

by @jacobgrier

Joe Biden Paradox: Matt Taibbi on Whether Dems Should Support Him – Rolling Stone

some good news today on trade!

Soda Taxes Target the Poor

by @tzduren at @liberty4PA

Las Vegas tech companies cash in on recreational marijuana use

Inside Mark Zuckerberg's private meetings with conservative pundits

What should consumers know about cannabis edibles?

Mon, 14 Oct 2019

Should I Stop Vaping? | The Fix

WHY – Minneapolis temporarily suspends all electric scooters ahead of Trump rally

We should allow go #YIMBY – California upends single-family zoning to fight housing shortage

This Conservative City Built a $132 Million Park Using One Weird Trick

Stossel: Tulsi Gabbard